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From simple grinder retrofits to multi-diameter applications, 401E gages fill special needs.

Model 401E & 401EX Swingdown

Model 401E/401EX Electronic Swingdown Gage


  • Low cost automatic size control for grinders
  • .001mm/.000040" repeatability
  • Manual or automatic
  • Use with D100 or D500 Gage Controller
  • Multi-diameter capability

The Model 401E and 401EX caliper-style swingdown' gages provide automatic grinder control based on real-time workpiece size. Applications range from the simplest, least expensive single diameter grind to more challenging situations where the overhead mount, narrow caliper or multi-diameter range can provide important advantages over table-mounted gage types.

The 401E is a simple and very costeffective in-process grinding gage. It is typically applied by hand for controlling size of a single diameter, but may also be used in automated systems where table mounting space is limited.

The 401EX is an extended range version of the 401E head that can automatically measure multiple diameters over a range of 3.8mm .(150"). The 401EX is typically used to control size on workpieces with small differences between the diameters, such as on camshaft main bearings.

PDFModel 401E & 401EX Swingdown (PDF)

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