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In-line Fixtures for Infeed Centerless Shaft Grinding.

Post Process Shaft Gage
This fixture for small crankshafts measures two diameters from 22.2-25.4mm ( .88-1.0") and lengths from 200-300mm (8-12")

Control Gaging has developed flexible fixture designs that make purchasing a post-gage for infeed centerless shaft grinding simple and affordable. If one of our "standard" designs does not fit your part, we can modify the modules or the framework to adapt a fixture to it.

When mounted immediately adjacent to the grinding machine, the fixture receives just-ground workpieces from a gantry or robot loader. The gage fingers close on the part and send size readings to a D500 controller. The D500 monitors size trends and feeds appropriate compensation signals to the machine to maintain tight tolerances. Bad parts can also be immediately identified and segregated by the loader or operator.

The design goals for these fixtures are simplicity, versatility, durability, and affordability.

  • A dovetail mounting base supports part location V-blocks, end locators, and gage brackets. Components can be moved laterally for different part lengths and configurations.
  • V-style work supports are adjustable vertically to accommodate different diameters.
  • Multiple quick-setup WG2 gageheads can be reversed or moved to match diameter locations.
  • Gageheads have built-in pneumatic finger retraction for loading and unloading.
  • Gage fingers are protected from damage by guards and a slip-clutch setup mechanism.
  • Modular fixture components are designed for stability, heavy-duty use and crash-resistance.
  • Flexibility of gage finger design expands versatility.

The WG2 Gage Head is a fifth-generation product and incorporates steady advances in accuracy and reliability. Its unique clutch setup mechanism allows gage setup in 30 seconds and protects the gage against crash damage. The WG2is guaranteed to repeat to ,000,5mm/ .000020".

PDFPost Process Shaft Gage (PDF)

D500 Gage Controller

The D500 Gage Controller provides a range of software methods for trend-based size control. The advanced IPC option (Intelligent Process Control) significantly outperforms all other compensation techniques, and can control a machine to its best possible operating capability.

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